Purpose and Mission Statement

Tour de Fresno Charity Bike Ride is an annual fund raising event of the ATG, a Fresno based 501 (c) 3 non-profit public benefit organizations, to promote educational and charitable endeavors and tourism in Fresno County. In cooperation with the County of Fresno and the Cities within the county Tour de Fresno enjoys the generous support of Valley businesses, cycling clubs, teams, organizations and bike-stores.

Tour de Fresno invites riders of all classes to experience world class cycling events in Fresno County, starting and ending from California’s fifth largest city to enjoy its natural beauty, surrounding mountains and wonderful hospitality.

Tour de Fresno connects concerned cyclists with charitable activities. When you ride in a Tour de Fresno event, you will be riding with a purpose.  Proceeds from Tour de Fresno will promote charitable and educational endeavors in the valley, as well as promoting cycling as a viable clean-air transportation option for all residents of Fresno County.

The money you help raise will go toward helping those who are less fortune in our community through education and training, to improve their social and economic conditions and guide them to become part of productive segment of the Valley. You will be giving hope to communities that can benefit from a helping hand.

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Proceeds from Tour de Fresno will support organizations in our communities that are actively involved in making a positive and lasting difference in the lives of our youth.

Proceeds from Tour de Fresno will benefit activities promoted by local organizations like the Boys Scouts and Girl Scouts Clubs, and Hope Now for Youth, where moral values and social behavior are taught through educational and training activities in order to teach good values, acceptable behavior, and responsible citizenship.

Hope Now for Youth is dedicated to helping gang members and high-risk-youths to change their lives for the better.  Hope Now for Youth trains local youth through a special educational process and then places them as interns at local businesses.  More then 320 local employers and businesses have taken the initiative to employ the youth that have gone through the educational and life changing process through Hope Now.

With the assistance of Tour de Fresno, Hope Now for Youth will provide local youth with a clean air means of transportation for their commute from home to work, increase their confidence, and provide them with opportunities to become a successful part of a productive segment of our community.

To that end, Tour de Fresno seeks in-kind and cash contributions of new and used bicycles, cycling supplies, tools, parts and components to help Hope Now with this mission.  Your contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the IRS.

Thank you for your consideration to help. We appreciate your support.