Participant Comments

A Huge thank you for everything you did for us last weekend! All who participated in the Tour De Fresno (about 15 kids total!), through training and riding, volunteering, setting up a booth at Winton Park all had a great experience!

– Brandon


Our group had a great ride today. We enjoyed the friendly camaraderie among fellow riders and the festive atmosphere. The rest stops had a great variety of food and beverages for the riders. The festivities at the park/party at the end were fun to partake in before we drove to Visalia. The hard work you and your group put in for this ride really paid off.

– Lonnie

I rode the WOW ride today and wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with the origination, volunteers. the route markings, and the rest stops. Many hours of preparation were evident and the whole event was top notch. Thank you

– Jacque

I want to thank you for a truly great day!! It was so well done, and so much fun. I enjoyed chatting with you! Look forward to many more happy rides!! blessings to you.

– Mike and Linda




Excellent ride! Very well organized and supported, even mother-nature cooperated. Thanks to you and all the volunteers. They were very friendly and helpful. Great after-ride party, also. Looking forward to next year!


Incredible ride today. You should celebrate your success. The support was the best I've seen as was the food and the post ride entertainment. The highlight for me was the aid station at the summit of Wildcat. That was definitely a welcome sight. I will most definitely add this ride to my annual list. Thanks again for a great job. See you next year.

– Michael,  Century rider

I wanted to send back my thanks for a great day yesterday. I found the ride to be very enjoyable and well made. I have an abundance of thanks for the support volunteers who did a great job at each of the rest stops. Since this was my first year riding Tour de Fresno, but I have done a number of century rides around the state, let me give a few items of feedback.

I rode the Century. My overall response to the event was very positive. So, my intent is to give some suggestions for a heads up for next year, so please know I thought it was a great event and kudos to all who helped make it such.

– Mike


The rest stop at Trimmer Springs had outstanding volunteers. And bless their hearts, they had an ice chest full of ice. By then my water was warm and the ability to fill my bottle with ice would have been very appreciated at the other stops as well. As the heat of the day picked up, the water in my bottle got warmer and it was not as thirst quenching.

The Fowler rest stop had water on the street; gave many of us a chance to wash off the hands and splash some water on the face…a very nice addition. That's a keeper for next year.

Again…thanks for a great ride. I live in Clovis and found it wonderful to have a century ride right here in my local community. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will plan to ride again next year!

 – Mike

I came up from San Francisco/San Mateo area to ride the century… I want to say it was awesome. I never knew Fresno had hills, lakes, mountains, etc. I'm in for next year.  Thanks again.


I just wanted to let all of you know what a great event you put on. My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day!! And an extra big "THANK YOU" to all the volunteers who worked the rest stops, ran the sag vehicles, and worked the start / finish area, they were all wonderful!! Please pass on my gratefulness to all of them. I know an event that large takes a lot of work and planning and I just wanted to say Thank you very much for putting on such a successful event.  And I totally LOVED the grapes at all the rest stops!! They were fantastic!! I'm looking forward to next year.


I rode in the event yesterday but did not know about the jerseys until the day of the ride. (My husband signed me up so I did not access your website before today). I would LOVE to order four jerseys /four pair of socks to take to Ireland for cyclist friends there. Is it possible to get them, and if so, before October 12th?

– Julia

We brought our kids.  My wife towed the 5 yr old in the trailer and I towed my 8 yr old who was on a one wheel tandem.  They had a great time.  My wife just wanted me to make sure it was okay.  We enjoyed the ride very much.  The scenic tour was just right for our family. There was an 8 yr old boy that completed the entire scenic ride on his own.  Amazing.  We even got two of our other friends to sign up.  They are ready to do it again next year.  I saw you working at the lunch area.  I wanted to come by and say hello, but you looked busy.  Thanks again for bringing this wonderful event to Fresno.  We'll look forward to it next year.  I've got a tandem that I need to convince my wife to ride on with me.


Hi Varoujan, 
I had a great time!!! I came up from San Francisco area with my wife and kids; even though we have family in the area, we came up strictly for your ride.  You did not let me down; well done.  It would have been nice to meet also, but you were busy and I didn't want to bother you.  I hope to support you on other rides you coordinate down the future.  Thanks for putting this together.  Talk to you soon.  


What a great ride yesterday.  Thanks for putting this huge event together.  It was well received!  Thanks again!


Had a great time. Thanks for everything.


Excellent in all respects!
Thank you very much to all the volunteers.


Thank you for hosting the event. I did the 15 mile ride and had a blast. I was able to see parts of Fresno in ways I never knew. I met a lot of nice people and look forward to doing this event next year…with friends I will recruit.  The rest station was extremely well stocked. I could tell that the volunteers put a lot of effort in what was arguably one of the best PB&J sandwiches ever. Please thank the volunteers on my behalf. They were so nice.
Dennis was a pleasure to ride with and did a great job at keeping us together and safe.  The post race BBQ was very tasty! Again, THANK YOU!!!


Good morning,
Thanks for a great event yesterday! The support and SAG for the full century was outstanding. I had a great ride. And you had a great turnout. Congratulations!


Thanks! Have to say it was a great ride! A lot fun and very well organized!


Varoujan, excellent job Saturday. I enjoyed myself and I know all the riders did as well.


You did a great job on the ride!  Thank you so much.  I would have loved to talk to you more, but you were very busy.  The food was the best I've ever experience after a ride! Thank you again for a wonderful day. Grace and peace.   


I had a great time at the Tour De Fresno this Saturday.  Also, the volunteers at the rest stops were fantastic.  They were very much appreciated.   

– Eric

Thanks TDF volunteers for all of your time and effort, the ride was awesome and the sandwiches were delicious!

– Mike 

Awesome event… we are hungry for more:)
– Kimberly 

Thank you!! Had a great time even after my crash! ๐Ÿ™‚
– Gina 

It was my first long ride. I did the W.O.W ride on a mountain bike :-(. Hopefully I can get a road bike by next year so I can do the metric ride. Great job on the event. LOVED IT.
– Jose 

I had a great time looking forward to doing it again!
– Jon 

GREAT JOB TDF! Will definitely be back next year! Gotta think we'll see twice the riders in 2011! Excellent route! Excellent support! Fast Century!
– Dwayne 

I have always appreciated the many dedicated volunteers it takes to put on a great Bicycle ride, as I have ridden many events over the past 15 years, century rides, Climb the Kaiser and Double Centuries, but having helped with Tour de Fresno I have a new deeper appreciation for all the efforts in planning, preparing and carrying out the event. My congratulations to Varoujan, Bill, Nancy, Steve, Ed, Lex, Audrey, and the many other volunteers who tirelessly put forth their best to pull off this amazing first Tour de Fresno Century, Metric Century, 42 mile & 15 mile rides. Great job all!
– Biking Buddies 

Awesome ride! I loved every minute of it!!!
– Nancy 

Word That Den!! Though I did my best to convert two Volunteers at the lunch stop. I think I swayed them…..or at least they smiled a lot.
– Larry 

Great ride! I had an AWESOME time. Got to see parts of Fresno I've never seen before. How cool is that?!! Can't wait for next year. Excellent job TdF!!
– Marcy 

It was fun! Did the metric century this year, and thinking of doing the 100 mile ride next year.
– Patrick 

Thank You TDF!! It was my first ride and Thanks to WOW I was able to ride the 41 mile route!! It was AWESOME!! Can't wait until next year ๐Ÿ™‚
– Rc 

This is great! Maybe 1,000 riders next year?
– Bob

We had a great time on the scenic route. The kids had fun being towed by parents and really liked the police escort. Was wondering why such a big event for Fresno was not covered on tv?
– Renee

Thanks for a great day.  The ride was fantastic and the food at the end was great!
– Eric   

To the Organizers of the Tour de Fresno, You all did a fantastic job! I hope to see you all, if not on the road, next year!
– Melanie

Thanks for all of your wonderful comments and keep them coming!