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Scenic Family-Friendly Ride

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Tour de Fresno 2017 Scenic Family-Friendly Ride

This 16 mile  ride will take start in Fowler, take you through Fresno and end back in Fowler. This ride is ideal for people who want to take their time and enjoy the beautiful countryside and historic and unique neighborhoods. For detailed directions, see the table below.

Leg Dir Type Notes Total
  Right Turn right onto S 2nd St 0
0.2 Right S 2nd St turns right and becomes E Fresno St 0.2
0.6 Right Turn right onto E Merced St 0.8
0.3 Left Turn left onto N 3rd St 1.1
0.4 Right Turn right onto N Fowler Ave 1.5
7   North To Kings Canyon Sunnyside Bycicle Shop 8.6
      Rest Stop (Sunnyside Bike shop)
      U Turn left on N Fowler Ave  
7 Left Turn left onto E Adams Ave 15.6
0 Right Turn right onto N 5th St 15.6
0.2 Right Turn right onto E Tuolumne St 15.8
0.1 Right Turn right onto N 3rd St 16
0.1 Left Turn left onto E Merced St 16.1

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